Fall Guys 2

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The game that reminds of battle royale competitions, but you don’t have to kill or shoot anyone here – the wacky colorful world of bright cartoonish characters is something truly delightful! In the second part of Fall Guys, you will enter the well-known arena you already know from the first chapter of this game. You and your rivals (sixty people maximum) will take part in an absolutely bizarre physics-based racing-running with numerous funny obstacles. The cartoonish physics is under your control – you can break the rules and do whatever you want, enjoying the way the laws can change when someone as crazy as you approach them. The second part will bring you even more challenges and what is the most exciting – new mini games for speed, reaction, and creativity. For example, you will have to run through the assault course without actually falling down. Also, there are some areas where the objects fall down from the sky, while your aim is to avoid getting hurt – don’t let them land on your head! Also, there is a very unique type of a football game here and more!

The fresh part of the game encourages you to test your skills as well as your luck. When you are failing one task after another, don’t be frustrated – one day, you will learn to overcome them all! Gather all of your strengths and energy, prepare for a leap, and win the title of the champion. If you are persistent, fast, and lucky enough, be ready to reap the fruits and win all the races! Whether you play alone and compete with 59 other players or unite into teams with your buddies to get over the challenges together, the game is equally entertaining and bright. Both victories and failures will make you absolutely delighted – the Fall Guys games are always amazing and the second part is a brand new masterpiece all fans and newcomers will definitely adore. The game is free and available online – you are welcome to become a part of this colorful and truly incredible world of bright characters, ready to do everything on their way to the finish line. Have fun, dominate, solve tasks, take part in numerous small games, find buddies to unite into teams, and finally – rush to the finish line like a lightening! Become the last survival and enjoy the title of the real king of Fall Guys!

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