Fall Guys Beta

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The time has come to have a party! This is Fall Guys, an incredible game where you will join the bizarre race of funny cartoonish creatures that compete for victory on the field filled with obstacles and crazy stuff. The beta version of the game is already here for you, so you are welcome to enjoy it whenever you want to – it is free and absolutely delightful. Don’t forget that we also have other versions of this cool title on our site, so if you want to enjoy the ultimate universe of race, obstacle-overcoming, competing, and cooperating, then we welcome you to enter this bright world!

The game encourages you and other 59 players to compete against each other in the series of mad contests. Smash, climb, rush, and bounce – do everything to make your way to the finish faster than all the rest. This won’t be easy, so get ready that a potential failure can happen to you! However, that’s okay – loses are no less amazing in this game than the victories. Glorious and bright failure is a delight when you are one of the Fall Guys! Have fun in this absolutely crazy and super-energetic battle. Choose the format of a competition – there are different options for you here. For instance, you are welcome to compete with numerous gamers in a severe struggle, where everyone stands for himself. Also, there is a cooperative regime, where you and your team-members will get through the obstacles together and help each other to get to the finish line unharmed.

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