Fall Guys Mobile

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When you open the game Fall Guys for the very first time, you get absolutely delighted by this world of mad competitions arranged in the sweet pinky environment. The characters are so nice and cute, you can dress them and even put funny hats on their heads. There are so many ways to prove your superiority here and win the prizes! Entertaining mini-games, football, competitions, and cooperation games – all of these entertainments will entertain you for sure! And when you are in love with the game, we bet that you don’t want to put it aside for even a second. This becomes a trouble when you need to be away from your computer. However, not anymore – we are here to present a perfect mobile version of incredible Fall Guys. This means that now you will stay in the game as much as you want and it doesn’t matter where you are – at home, at the bus stop, in your office, or college. You are welcome to continue competitions everywhere, just make sure that your phone or tablet is charged and your Wi-Fi works properly. Let’s start!

The game places you on the arena where you and 50+ other players fight for the victory. Unlike most battle royales, this one is absolutely not cruel and excludes any violence, blood, or shooting. The idea is to get through the over-obstacle course, where challenges of all kinds will stand on your way. You need to get through them all without hurting yourself and of course – without dying! Be faster than anyone else, take part in a truly chaotic race, enjoy the spirit of competition, and have fun. The game encourages you to be pretty tough and make your way to the finish faster than anyone else. Doing so, you will also have to take part in mini games, like football and “try-to-avoid-that-heavy-thing-falling-on-your-head”. Everything is arranged in a humorous format and the main feature that makes the game so funny and delightful surely are the laws of physics. They can be neglected, so you will overcome even them like a boss! Become the leader and win all the competition, be it running, ball playing, or anything else! Only one player will become the victor! Luck, persistence, and skills will definitely make you the best one on the arena and you will make your way to the finish like nobody else – triumphal and glorious! If you will fail, well, this will no less glorious. Try and see!

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