Fall Guys PS4

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The PlayStation version of a cool battle royale game is something truly unique. There is a significant different from a PC one – here you are welcome to fight against more rivals. While the game for a computer screen allows you to participate in a competition with 50+ characters, this one allows up to 100 players at the same time! We bet that you want to see that mess and take part in that hellish chaos. You were excited and thrilled by the massive battles before, so can you imagine them when the amount of players doubles? This is going to be a real challenge and we hope you can stand it! Are you ready? Then the time has come to start a battle.

Test your luck and strength in this merciless game where everyone stands against everyone. You are going to enjoy the competitions where you fight against all the other gamers all alone – each player tries to get victory and become the last standing person on this battlefield. Also, you are welcome to unite with other members in teams and stand against other teams to overcome them and get the title of the winners. The next round will become available after you deal with the previous challenge. Only the team of the winners will make their way to the next stage and you are welcome to fight hard and severely to be one of them. Avoid the strikes and hits of your rivals, jump higher than everyone, roll over, and get through the obstacles. Forget about the laws of physics – they don’t work anymore. At least, in this crazy world where everything is a real chaos. You are going to ride the huge skateboard, make your way through the mountains and hills, where the traps and dangerous unexpected areas are waiting for you of every step you make.
Not only physics and diverse challenges make this game that great. There are also amazing character design options that will not only make you look unique on the arena, but also entertain you with numerous funny accessories and clothes. What about rabbit ears? And a disco costume? We know that you would eagerly try them all! Make all the other players jealous and become the stylish and one. When you pass new challenges, new clothes and items become available to you. Wear luxury outfits and be the most amazing cool player on the entire field, where 99 other players are present. Show off, boast, and win all the games and battles – this will make you the best player! The main reward is waiting for the best ones only! Survive and get it!

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