Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout

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Wait no longer – join the massive multiplayer where up to 60 participants will fight for victory! This is Fall Guys, the most ridiculous and adorable battle royale title, where only one gamer becomes a winner and all the others – quit! This is a pretty unusual massive game, where you will have to make your way through the real chaos arranged by dozens of creatures controlled by real people. The idea is to reach the finish line and overcome all the difficulties faster and more efficiently than anyone else on the arena. Make your way to the final destination and become the best player! Prove your superiority and ability to act in such an active and energetic environment!

This game was created to unite players online and make the entire crowd act in the crazy competition and mad race. You will have to pass through a real mess and if you are skillful and lucky enough, then you will become the winner. Only one player gets this marvelous title, so make sure to do your best and become him! Make your way to the greatness – breach the tricky and unusual obstacles, run faster than your rivals, and break the laws of physics – everything is allowed in Fall Guys. Your competitors are uncontrollable and really chaotic, so you can never predict what they are up to do. The time has come to out your haughtiness aside – the crown of the king is at stake! You can only get the best prize in case you get through numerous hardships, failures, and mistakes. This is how the stairway to success looks like! Are you ready for a funny range of crazy collapses and shiny victories? Here you go then!
While most of the massive games with numerous players have a noble title “battle royale”, this one is something like a royal bedlam! The game will encourage you to get through the ridiculous and funny obstacles, wild challenges, and compete with entirely crazy opponents. The entire crowd of rivals will stand against you and all of them want to get though the route faster and better than you, so you will literally have to climb over their heads and backs for a thousand of times. The true mess is about to start – get in! You are welcome to compete with players that are present on the server as well as unite in teams and show your collective abilities. Make sure to support your buddies during the battles – the entire destiny of your team is in your hands and whenever you fail to complete the tasks correctly or some of your friends gets hurt – the entire team will lose the round! Keep an eye on yourself as well as all representatives of your glorious team – this is the only way to a shiny victory!

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