Fall Guys

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Enter the game that is a real madness, but an incredibly adorable and cute one! Here you go: choose the warrior, you character, and enter the world of competition and cooperation. The game is arranged like a large race where you are chasing on the road, making your way to the finish line. Not only you have numerous competitors here, who are willing to win the race no less than you do. In addition to severe competition, you will have to keep your eye on the crazy obstacles that are here and there – jump over them, dash, run, and don’t stumble at any of these harmful objects. The game encourages you to make a challenging way to the finish and remember – there is only one victor here. All the others will have to prepare for a marvelous and truly unbelievable failure! Which is no less funny. Enjoy!

So what is waiting for you in this game? Well, first of all, tons of humor and fun. The main feature of Fall Guys is cool and crazy physics system. When the characters run forward, they have to overcome each other as well as the obstacles made of different materials and with various properties. You will have to be very attentive and careful to get over them all! The physics are cartoonish and funny. They are hyperbolized and exist to let you break them! These rules are nothing for you if you are a fall guy! The physics make the game even more engaging and extremely humorous, so you will definitely find it entertaining to run over that route for hours. We bet that this game will become your favorite in case you are fond of competitive titles where running, beating the rivals, and gaining shiny wins is a clue.
Unlike all competitive-cooperative games, this one has an equally delightful winnings and failures. Both outcomes are funny, because the main thing in Fall Guys definitely is the process. The high degree of madness and real mess will make you absolutely entertained! Maybe, if this is your first time playing the game, you will get confused. However, very soon, you will feel yourself like the fish in the water – the game allows you to enjoy and control yourself in the conditions of real chaos, which definitely brings additional delight and entertainment. The physics in this title are absolutely hilarious – they are realistic, but you are welcome to break them in any way you want! Rules exist to let you break them and this is something Fall Guys proves like no other title. You are welcome to test your skills as a runner, bouncer, and crazy competitor! Beat all the rivals and overcome all the hardships on your way to the crown of a leader!

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